Siam Park - common questions and answers (FAQ)

Before you contact us for information, please be sure to read through this list of frequently asked questions and their answers.


Q. What are the opening and closing times of the park?

A. The park is open from 10:00 – 18:00 from 1st May - 31st October and 10:00 – 17:00 from 1st November - 30th April .


Q. I want to book a Cabaña or Villa, how do I do this?

A. A small number of private Cabañas and Villas are available to hire. They are for use during Park opening hours. Cabañas and Villas need to be booked in advance here.


Q. What are the normal admission prices for adults and children?

A. Normal on the gate ticket prices are: Adults 38 Euros, Children 26 Euros (correct Dec 2019).


Q. If any of the attractions/rides are closed for maintenance, how will this affect my visit?

A. The Park is open 365 days a year and because it is essential to ensure the safe operation of all rides and attractions, it may be necessary to close a single attraction or ride for a short period of time. The satisfaction of visitors is most important and therefore there will always be alternative attractions for you to enjoy.


Q. Where can I buy tickets for the Park and is it best to buy online, or in resort?

A. You can buy tickets online or you can buy them at the entrance. Some shops in Tenerife also sell tickets for the Park, but are not permitted to sell them below the gate price. Buying on-line is usually the best way to save money on your tickets.


Q. I am a non-swimmer. Can I still use the water slides?

A. Yes you can. Safety is the Parks priority and fully trained lifeguards are positioned at the start and end of each water slide to assist you.


Q. I am of old age. Can I have a discount to enter the Park?

A. Sorry, but at this time we do not offer discounts to older people. We are sure that you will still be able to enjoy many of the benefits within the Park.


Q. How can I get in touch or find directions to you?

A. Please take a look here


Q. I am of poor health. Can I have a discount to enter the Park?

A. Sorry, but at this time we do not offer discounts to people with poor health. We are sure that you will still be able to enjoy many of the benefits within the Park.


Q. How can I buy a fast pass ticket for the slides?

A. Fast Pass tickets are not available to buy with the standard tickets however the Fast Pass is included with the all inclusive wristband. Fast Pass access is also granted to those who have reserved and paid for a VIP Cabaña, or a VIP Villa.


Q. Can I pay for my tickets in British Pounds rather than Euros?

A. Yes. If you are buying your tickets on-line through this web site, then your payment will be made in British Pounds.


Q. How long are tickets valid for?

A. Tickets bought on-line are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.


Q. Are all the rides included in the admission charge?

A. Yes, once you have your tickets, you are free to go on any of the rides without any additional cost.


Q. What age do you consider a person to be a child?

A. At the gate, children are regarded as those aged between 3 -11 years, inclusive. Those aged 2 or below have free admission with a full price paying adult. Some online ticket agencies work on the basis of children being age 2-12 years inclusive, so tickets should be purchased with this in mind.


Q. Is the park open on public holidays?

A. Yes the park is normally open 365 days per year.


Q. How long can I stay in the Park for?

A. Once you have paid the admission charge you can stay in the park until the Park closes for the day.


Q. Can I visit the park without using any of the facilities?

A. Yes


Q. Can I bring my own food and drink into the Park?

A. For health and safety reasons, this is not generally permitted.


Q. Do I have to pay extra to use a sun bed?

A. No


Q. Are there any lockers for personal belongings?

A. Yes, lockers are available in several areas of the Park. A small charge is made for the use of lockers and a small deposit (refundable) is required for the key.


Q. Do I have to take my own towels?

A. No, towels are available to hire for a small charge.


Q. Can I wear a swimdress?

A. It depends. If it is a health and safety risk to you or others in the park, then you will not be permitted to use some of the slides.


Q. Are the pools heated?

A. Yes, the water in the Park is heated to around 24 deg C.


Q. Is the water salty?

A. No, the water used is desalinated on site.


Q. Can I take my own surf board?

A. In the interests of safety, it is not permitted for you to bring your own surf board into the park during normal opening hours.


Q. Where is the dolphin show in Siam Park?

A. There are no dolphins in Siam Park. The dolphin show is at Loro Parque.


Q. Who do I contact about my ticket purchase?

A. If you have bought tickets using this web site, then your purchase has been made with a UK ticket agency. If you have any problems or issues relating to your purchase, then you can contact the ticket agents directly using the following information: Tel: (UK) 0871 230 1060, Fax: (UK) 0121 4335867.


Q. I am arriving by car, is there a car park and if so, is there a charge?

A. Yes there is a car park which costs 3€ for the day.


Q. Is there a minimum age for children to enter Siam Park?

A. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


Q. Do I have to use the twin ticket in the same day?

A. No, each Park offers a full days entertainment and tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. We suggest you don't even try to visit both Parks in one day as there is so much to do at each of them.


Q. Is the park accessible for wheelchair users?

A. Yes


Q. Where on the island is Siam Park?

A. Siam Park is situated off the TF-1 Motorway, Exit 28 or 29 at Playa de las Americas. Free buses are available from Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje at designated points.



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