Tower of Power

The Tower of Power

(Minimum height 1.42m)

The Tower of Power is the most prominent feature in the park, the most jaw dropping ride and a must for all adrenalin seekers. 

Climb up to the top of the tower and take a deep breath of air before you plunge down the almost vertical 28 metre drop! This iconic and thrilling slide then takes you through the transparent tube which is immersed in the shark filled aquarium before you emerge safely in the splash pool.

The slide is a "must do" for anyone who has a head for heights and loves to get their pulse racing.

Please note that the slide is supervised by lifeguards who will insist that all safety precautions are followed. Therefore it is recommended that jewelery and sunglasses are removed prior to climbing to the top of the slide.

Lockers are available at the Park for your personal posessions.

Tower of Power Tower of Power Tower of Power Tower of Power




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