Wave Palace

Wave Palace

Surf lovers young and old will love Siam Parks' wave palace!

TheWave Palace is one of the parks proudest features and capable of producing the biggest artificial waves in the world. 

The waves are capable of rising up to a height of 3 metres, however under normal use the waves will be around half this size, so you can jump in and let the surf crash over you without fear! 

Siam Park has waves which can reach up to 3 metres high which means that you can ride the surf with them or feel them breaking gently at your feet on our beautiful white sandy beach.

If you want to hire the wave pool, after hours, in order to surf and have fun with your friends, contact the Park directly by telephone on (0034) 902 06 00 00.

If you don’t fancy out of hours surfing, you can still enjoy the more tranquil waves when swimming or paddling.

Water temperature is a warm 24 deg C.

Wave Palace Wave Palace Wave Palace Wave Palace




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